Flower Girl Dresses – Brides Love These Designers

Dress designers are a special breed. They are not only artistically talented; they must keep their ideas fresh and attractive to be able to set fashion trends that grace the pages of women’s magazines worldwide.

Sweetie Pie Collection, 2473 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, New York 11510-3531,
Phone 516-764-2731.

The Sweetie Pie Collection, one of the best-known children’s formal wear manufacturers in the world, has a luxurious choice of Flower Girl Dresses, and other special occasion dresses for communions, christenings, and pageants. They are all handmade with exquisite skill. You can find The Sweetie Pie Collection in sophisticated bridal shops, children’s stores and specialty boutiques across the U.S.A. and in 20 foreign countries.

Forever Yours International Corporation, 335 Kennedy Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone 631-951-4500.

Forever Yours International Corp. is one of the best-loved designers of Flower Girl Dresses and also specializes in bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ gowns, and prom/special occasion gowns. Their remarkable collection of Flower Girl Dresses have been “wowing” brides for a very long time.

Mon Cheri Bridals only sells through stores that are independently owned and operated.

Cheri by Mon Cheri is a designer collection that mixes the latest in today’s trends with traditional designs to make gorgeous, heirloom-quality dresses for little ladies. Exactly what discerning customers look for in First Holy Communion dresses, Flower Girl Dresses or other special occasion dresses, Mon Cheri’s collection has designs so exquisite that they are often handed down from one generation to the next. Rich fabrics like organza, satin, silk, and taffeta decorated with finishing details, trim, and surprising embellishments set Cheri apart from the rest.

Tiffany Designs by House of Wu, 14975 Technology Court, Fort Myers, FL 33912-4422
Phone 239-277-7099.

Tiffany Designs by House of Wu’s specialty is gowns for proms, Flower Girl Dresses, and gowns for pageants. Under its House of Wu name and accompanying designer labels, it designs, imports and distributes special dresses and gowns that help women enjoy significant events in life – weddings, proms, and pageants. Fifteen years ago, Wu drove from store to store, selling his designs from his car. Now he designs and manufactures in a 45,000 square foot building in a quiet business park right off Six Mile Cypress Parkway in Florida. The House of Wu ships about 250,000 gowns each year to more than 2,800 retail stores in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The WaWa Collection by Vatana Watters is only sold through authorized retailers.

The WaWa Collection by Vatana Watters is known for its innovative and timeless dresses for junior bridesmaids and flower girls. A native of Thailand, Watters was a student of fashion design in both New York and Los Angeles. Brides love her Flower Girl Dresses. Vatana Watters is passionate about her designs, and she continues to reveal designs that are new, fresh and reflective of evolving trends in special attire.

Make it Your Time in Asia With Filipino Girls

It is exciting to spend quite some time of your holidays in Asia. To make it even better, the beautiful Filipino girls are willing to spend their precious time with you. They are gorgeous and charming and are interested in men from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America. There are many websites available to know about these stunning beauties. The only qualification you need is to be single.

They are interested in friendship and are in the lookout for a loving and caring partner. They are very understanding and it is sure that you will have a soothing experience and peaceful time when you are with your chosen one. They love being romantic and wants their ‘friends’ to treat them nicely. These beautiful and charming Filipino girls care less about their looks or their partner’s looks and all they care about is the attitude of her partner. They have the strength and will power to hold a family together. Once interested in a girl, you should put in more effort to know about her. She will have a profile in the dating website along with her own photos. Then, care should be taken to spend some valuable time with her, to understand her better, to cater to her. Filipino girls adore honest men. They are honest themselves and cannot stand cheating of any sort.

Flilipino dating can be absolute fun for you and your partner. The girls can speak English and have a very nice behaviour. They respect western culture, but love traditional Asian culture when it comes to love and relationships. Registering in any one of the Filipino dating websites by itself gives you plenty of requests and surely, there is going to be a worthy confusion in order to find your perfect match.

By enrolling in a Filipino dating website you are making sure you have a partner on your trip to Asia. Most ladies spent their own money and do not ask for money at all. However, if the relationship progresses, it is your sole decision that counts! All you need is to book your vacation tickets beforehand and enjoy a pleasant stay with your beautiful Filipino girl.

Top Travel Destinations For Girls

Every girl wants to spend time with her best girls and no man around them. It is a dream comes true for many girls! Girls just love to hang out together as there are many things in which they share the same interest. When you go out with your spouse or partner, you have to compromise on a lot of stuff like your choice of activities and places to visit, etc.

Here we have a collection of the best travel destinations for girls to hang out with their female buddies from around the world.


If your friends love visiting Asia, then Bali is the right destination for you girls. Bali is an island which has a perfect weather all the year round. It is an ideal holiday destination for those who love the beach, the white sand, warm sunshine and tropical scenery.

Bali is an excellent travel destination for girls and is also a safe destination for females. The crime rate in Bali is low, and the locals of Bali are extremely friendly with the tourists. There are no strict religious laws in Bali, which restrict women in any manner.

The tourist activities at this destination are not costly and can be easily afforded. There are many spas and surfing treat is Bali, which one can get indulged in with friends. The shopping malls and restaurants are all affordable and fun for women to enjoy.


Amsterdam is the top tourist destinations for girls in Europe. It has everything in it which a girl wants to holiday. The crime rate in Amsterdam is less, and the destination is overall safe for girls. You and your friends can do absolutely anything in Amsterdam from touring the canals to taking a ride in the free flower shops.

The food of Amsterdam is fantastic, and the visitors love to savour the chocolate delicacies. Pick the best restaurant in Amsterdam and enjoy a broad range of delicious cuisines. Girls who love beer can pay a visit to a local pub and enjoy famous brands like Heineken.


Greece is the best place in the world for experiencing, sea and the beach. The Greek isles of Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Kos and Mykonos are the best places for all the kinds of fun that involve warm waters and diving. There are many resorts in Greece where you can get any entertainment you want. You can walk the ancient streets like Goddesses and enjoy the beautiful architectures of the extraordinary Greece.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the best place to visit with your girlfriends. This is the best destination for girls to travel to with their friends as the weather conditions are favourable and the activities are for all the year round.

The warm tropical weather attracts people from around the globe who indulge in different activities like, fishing, diving, snorkelling, bird watching and many inland attractions.

There are many resorts which offer delicious food and exceptional entertainment. When visiting the Canary Islands do visit the LoroParque, which means “Parrots Park” there are many different species of Parrots in this park. You will also come across dolphins, seals, bird shows and chimpanzees, which entertain the visitors with their cute acts.