How to Date an Asian Girl

Traveling around Asia and living in Asia you come across a lot, and I mean a lot, of very beautiful ladies. If you are attracted to Asian girls you will find they have beautiful smiles, are very friendly and they like to look after themselves. Dating Asian girls isn’t easy and there are a few things you must be wary of. There are some specific places you can date Asian girls and have a lasting relationship either in Asia or the west.

Bars and Clubs

One of the most common places you are likely to meet a girl in Asia is in a tourist bar or club. If you enter the red light districts of any Asian country you are going to meet a plethora of girls who are looking for you to buy them a drink or pay the “bar fine” to take them out for the evening. The vast majority of these girls, if not all of them, are going to be working girls. If that is what you are looking for then you can find them easy, you don’t need to be good-looking, have the perfect body or witty conversation, you just need money!

If you are looking for local girls, then you won’t find them in bars. Asians are not into bars and clubs, the “ladette” culture has not reached Asia. Asian girls are very family orientated and the only time they will go to bars is in a big group through work or maybe with friends on a special occasion. If you do find an Asian girl in a bar or club, she is not likely looking to meet anyone so starting a conversation with them isn’t going to be easy.

Malls, Movies, Parks etc

Striking up a conversation with an Asian girl in public isn’t going to be easy either. Firstly, you have a language issue, unless they have a good job and are good at English they will be shy to speak English and things you say may be misjudged or misunderstood. As I said, Asian girls are shy and so talking with strangers is not easy for them, in most cases, they may think you are a weirdo or they might think you are looking for a hook up and this will offend them.

Internet Dating

This is by far the best and easiest way to meet Asian girls and get to know them, overcome misjudgments and misconceptions and generally make it a lot easier when you do eventually meet. Although Asian girls aren’t good at speaking English, they do know how to write it from the western signs and movies they see all the time. Internet dating will allow you to talk to each other for a number of days and understand where each other is coming from, it will allow you to know what each other wants from the relationship so you don’t waste time meeting beforehand.

An Evening With Germans in Asia

Walker was very friendly. His long and curly hair resembled that of a Hindu priest.

He was strange looking among the other Germans, especially the German Praktikum (Internship) students. He was a good conversationalist, and though he was not fluent in English, he managed to express himself excellently. He always asked me after every word whether his pronunciation was correct, because the same word in English and German have different sounds.

He told me in the middle of our conversation that the Germans in the northern part of the Germany are very intelligent because the northern land is a so flat everywhere and you could see the horizon everywhere, which induces the people to imagine more and become naturally more intelligent. But he quipped receding from his earlier stand that the people surrounded by the Alps and the surrounding valley regions in Bavaria too could go to the mountaintops and get a wider vision and they too could become more intelligent.

I didn’t know whether it’s true or not, but in my own experience and by my observations, the people in the northern part of the Indian Ocean’s Island – Paradise too were usually considered as intelligent people. I wondered because of these factors, whether others too considered them as intelligent. The flat land everywhere with Palmyra trees in the vicinity might have promoted the intelligence of the people in the Northern flat land too if the Walker was right in his argument.

Walker and his friend who came with the table tennis team from Germany invited me to the beach where the team was playing volleyball. We were seated near the playing field and watching the marvelous finesse of these players. The team has come to celebrate the 2006 New Year celebration in Sri Lanka from Germany and a happy team of many who are in their late sixties to the teens, with a mixture of men and women. There is a girl in her late teens, who attracted me a lot as she was directing her staring eyes to everything in the vicinity around her, and making a deep study of everyone and everything. Two other young ladies and a young girl with an elderly person in his late sixties were playing so marvelously and enthusiastically in the playing ground adjoining the beach near the Indian Ocean.

The twilight has started to turn into complete darkness everywhere. All who played volleyball went towards the sea for a dip after having the long hours of hectic play. The sea was a little calm and quiet and they went a few meters away from the beach and now we couldn’t see them as the beach has a steep end towards the sea – level from our sandy beach location. If we wanted to have a look at them we would have to standup, for they may go further towards the deep-sea area. They were there in the sea for nearly half an hour and returned back to the beach.

The young girl was coming towards us as her towel was placed near us. Her slim body silhouetted against the background of deep reddish dark sky, evoked the image more or less of an Angel coming towards us. She became familiar to me when we were having our dinner at the beach-end restaurant of the Aquarius Sports Resort Hotel as we were sitting at adjoining tables. After the dinner, at her table, those who came from Germany with her started to celebrate the New Year fun – game. They started to play some innovative game, which I haven’t come across before or heard about. They were rolling a dice and then the winner in the rotation could select what he wanted from a covered pool of things. They had collected those valuables in Germany and brought them all the way from Germany to hold a celebration in Sri Lanka.

While there were shouting and clapping in the course of the game, she used to look at me often to see whether I was watching the game and enjoying it or drawing my attention towards them.

I gazed with fascination at the stars in the dark sky over the Indian Ocean through the wide window-less side – wall of the restaurant and then turned my attention towards the happy Germans’ fun and fantasy in Asia.

The fascination of being at one with two worlds was an unforgettable experience in my life.

Mail Order Girls – Where Should Western Men Focus Their Effort to Find Love?

If you are a single man from the West who has been longing for a special lady to enter your life, you have probably been intrigued at some point by the prospect of meeting and dating mail order girls. While most men are excited about the idea of finding love overseas, they usually are nervous about all of what that entails. More importantly, they probably have no idea where to begin. The first step however, is the hardest. That is, men need to make that initial decision that they are going to go for it! Once Western men make the decision to find love abroad, they are then faced with the daunting task of actually choosing a specific location to focus their efforts. Popular yet very diverse choices may include certain countries in Asia, Latin America, or the former Soviet Union, for example. While many men may credit the degree of success they have to their choice of country, they may not realize that the type of cities they select can be critically important.

This issue of where to look for love in “all the right places” is a timeless one. Furthermore, there is a lot of talk among Western men about the merits of small town girls versus the girls from major metropolitan areas in foreign countries. One school of thought believes that mail order girls from small towns are even more receptive to Westerners than the girls from big cities because they rarely have the chance to meet a Western man. His rarity, so the theory goes, makes him a more marketable commodity. Anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest that this theory is mildly correct. Foreign girls from smaller cities do not meet as many Westerners as those from bigger cities. Whether that makes him more marketable to his girl of choice is highly suspect however. A first point to be made is that young attractive girls in these smaller towns are themselves more sought after, since there are fewer of them available. They themselves are bigger fish in a smaller pond, so to speak. Also, many times these foreign girls are more provincial in their thinking. They oftentimes are not really interested in a Westerner, opting instead for either the boy next door or the wildly successful men native to that small town. Moreover, many of these women have zero desire to leave their small city. A combination of these factors would seem to indicate that a Western man’s chances for meeting small town girls he will want to be with over the long run and who also want to be with him, are roughly the same odds as that of meeting foreign girls in a large city.

An important point not to be overlooked however, is whether any given man from the West is himself from a large or small city. People from smaller or bigger cities tend to think alike, especially about their pace of life. For example, foreign girls from a large city will probably not ultimately be happy living in a Westerner’s small town. Similarly, Westerners from big cities may find that girls from small towns talk more slowly and have less to say. This issue obviously cuts in all directions but is something to consider because in addition to all the cultural issues these couples must overcome, crossing this line usually presents one more formidable hurdle to success.

For Western men who are still stuck on this concept of where to focus their efforts to find love, I suggest that they search for mail order girls from anywhere and everywhere via the internet. They can conduct a quick little independent and personal study, based on their own internet experience, and then make the decision to visit prime locations based on their own findings. In other words, a Western man should use one of the many available internet dating sites and then hone in on where his most fertile hunting grounds lie. After even a short period of time, he should have a pretty good idea of where many of the mail order girls that he likes are also paying him a lot of attention.