Neck Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos have been practiced for centuries across the world. From the Ainu, an indigenous people found in Japan that traditionally wore facial tattoos, to the Polynesians and other tribal groups found in Micronesia, Asia, America, Africa and Europe, today tattoos have become part of modern society – and now, they are not just for rebels, gangsters and rock and rollers alone.

Now the neck may be a very sensitive and painful area to etch a design but when neck tattoos for girls are done properly, they can really look good and cute. Neck tattoos for girls are most often small but can compel people to take a second glance. The most popular area on the neck for most women is found on the nape of the neck. It can be hidden from view if you have long hair that flows straight down your back and shoulders.

Floral Tattoos are perhaps the most popular feminine type of tattoos out there. It is not a wonder that girls are dreaming to get one if they’re planning to have tattoos on their nape. Flower tattoos symbolize purity, love and innocence. A Rose tattoo is a favourite floral tattoo and will make pretty tattoos for the neck. It symbolizes both beauty and pain or love and sacrifice. There are also other popular floral tattoos like lotus, magnolia, jasmine and sunflower.

Foreign Script Tattoos are commonly popular with men but look good with women too as long they are not too big, loud and upfront. Chinese characters are perhaps the most popular foreign script tattoos. Others would like to sport some Jewish text or passage in the Old Testament written in Hebrew. If you happen to be religious then Jewish Sacred texts could be for you.

Sacred texts from the Indian and Hebrew culture are gaining popularity too. Women also love to display or express their spirituality through these sacred texts. Japanese script tattoos are another cool alternative. Just make sure you know what the passage or script means and it totally represents your beliefs.

A Butterfly tattoo is also one popular design that many girls and women can sport. A butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and rebirth as much as femininity and elegance. A butterfly located on the nape of a girl will always look cute.

There are other popular neck tattoos for girls too like the angel, Zodiac signs and symbol tattoos. All of these types of designs will always convey a message or a story that relates to the exhibitor.

Neck tattoos for girls will always catch people’s attention. You can heighten a person’s curiosity when you give them a peek of your neck tattoo for girls every time your hair sways on the side of your shoulders. As a basic rule, always go for neck tattoos for girls that truly fit your personality and expression.

Thai Girls Revealed

It is possible that Thai girls are the most sought-after girls in southeast Asia. There are some reasons for that. I’ll cover some of my own reasons for enjoying their company so much, and hopefully give you the drive to find out more about them – and plan a visit to meet them firsthand as well.

Thailand has roughly 22 million girls of age that you could meet if you traveled here. On my first visit I can tell you that my head was spinning around like a bobo-head on the dashboard of your car. One of the first things I noticed was that a Thai girl, in comparison with her western counterpart, was much thinner and relatively shorter. Thai girls are usually very thin until late adulthood – when some of them gain a lot of weight, just like all of us – male and female alike. The thing is, Thais seem to keep their slim figures into their 40’s for the most part. It’s quite something to behold!

Thai girls don’t usually smoke. I find that to be a big ‘plus’ as a non-smoker. It seems like only the farm workers and some of the girls that work in the bars smoke. Probably less than 10% of all Thai girls smoke at all.

Thai women don’t usually drink. Much. Come on, everyone has a sip every now and then, but Thai girls don’t take it to an excess, if I might generalize quite a bit. Thai men are another story, they imbibe like cultures of men everywhere, but it’s kind of nice to know that the lady you’re dating won’t likely turn into an alcoholic anytime soon. It just isn’t like them to do so.

Many Thai ladies can cook very well. They learned at home with their family. Of course, many cannot cook at all and you’re better going to a restaurant. The meals are cheap – about a dollar USD for something simple. If your chosen one doesn’t cook – just opt for that, you won’t be unhappy with your meal in any Thailand city.

It is easy to meet Thai girls – they are naturally curious about learning English and in learning something about your home country. Many Thais marry foreign nationals they meet in Thailand and move away to live their lives in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, and many other places across the globe. If you wanted to go the other way and move to Thailand to live – it’s also fairly easy to do that. Many foreigners choose to move to Thailand for retirement or even before – and lead fulfilling lives having done so.

Thais are generally good-hearted, and good-natured people. Sure there are bad eggs, but you will probably avoid them if you stay out of the adult-type establishments and just try your luck to meet regular people around town. Thailand is steeped in a culture of Buddhism and respect for each other that carries over into their day-to-day social interactions. You could definitely choose a worse place to find a partner for life, or a place to live!

The Popularity of Korean Drama Across Asia and the World

Korean drama, who hasn’t watched even one episode? Let’s face it, Koreans know how to entertain and leave a mark on its audience. People are hooked and they are asking for more. Though it has limited popularity in the Americas, focused mainly in Korean communities, in Asia, particularly in Central and South East Asia, Korean television dramas are extensively supported. It is one of the longer spanning trends in national television and therefore, most Korean stars are experiencing international acclaim. There are many reasons why these dramas are being supported heavily in countries like Philippines, China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

  1. The actors- let’s face it, they are the freshest faces that we have come to see on TV. They are attractive and they are just adorable. It is a great advantage for South Korea which seems to be heavily populated by gorgeous people.
  2. Fashion- the fashion statement can be androgynous at times especially with the guys where the styling can ultimately feminize them but let’s face it, their fashion is the current style of the modern youth. It is a mix of glamor, trendy, urban and common everyday outfits. It may be too hot to wear leg warmers in the Philippines but they still offer some other amazing fashionable styles.
  3. The story- Korean Drama comes in a number of very common plots. Here are some of them

Poor Girl, Rich Boy

There will always be a regular girl from a simple family. She could be a very light hearted individual or she may be street smart and tough. She will always meet a rich, successful or very popular boy. This trend is very common in most Korean Dramas and is selling very well in countries like the Philippines. The girl is a modest and humble person and she transforms the guy and then he falls in love with her.


These plots are pretty much established in all forms and shapes. However, the more common aspect would be the dramatic conflict. It could be between a poor girl and a rich girl fighting over a rich guy. It could be a married couple and another girl. It could be a popular love team and a regular girl. Conflict or maybe insecurities are major themes and they recur in most plots of Korean drama.

Fantasy romance

From a magical mythical character, a super chef, a princess, or other illustrious and incredible back stories, there is always something unique and well embedded in Korean culture that is connected to the story.

No matter what, the plots that are showing in the stories are absolutely popular to everyone. Even senior citizens seem to appreciate the Korean Factor. With the popularity of such drama series in international shores, these stars have amassed a very big network of fans from various countries and of course, it fuels the industry to do more and offer more, making Korean drama, a staple in Asian and global television. Take some time to watch one. You might even do a series marathon after one episode.