German Memories in Asia – The Memorable Moments at the German Restaurant

While I was lost in the beauty of the scenic Indian Ocean’s panorama, some movements in the restaurant draw my attention.

Casting a glance over there, I noticed that Marita Kantar is just wandering there, thinking of something seriously in the center part of the restaurant. She has come back again to continue her research after two months away from the Resort in Germany.

Marita is a dynamic student from the then East German part of Germany. She was doing her undergraduate studies in the field of managing social sciences at the Wismar University in the scenic Wismar City of Baltic sea area. She coordinated with me to organize the “Night of a Thousand Dinners” – a success at the Aquarius Sports Resort Hotel.

While I was approaching her she was surprised and said: “It is nice to see you again”. I too felt so and as was the first day of the New Year, I greeted her with New Year Best Wishes. I once again thanked her for her valuable coordination in organizing the event.

Suddenly interrupting my thought, a small girl around four to five years came screaming and shouting towards us. She had come with her parents from Germany for the New Year vacation. She was playing with all of us around there. Eva was holding one of her hands and hugging her. They were standing near the dinning table next to our chairs.

When I looked at her and said: “Hallo” she too repeated it with a smile.

After I wished Eva a happy New Year and extended my hand towards the small girl, she so smartly took my hand and greeted me with gentle smile. I was surprised by her etiquette. I just rubbed her upper shoulder and asked: “How are you”, she broke into a lovely smile as an answer to my question. When Marita extended her hand, she wished her with great cordiality.

The following day when we were at breakfast, she was running around every table and telling a number of stories to each and every one around there. She came to me and was waving a coconut-leaf said that it was a “snake”. I was wondering as to where she has seen a snake whether in Germany or in Sri Lanka or in a zoo.

Walker was translating to me all her stories, which she was narrating to me in her mother tongue, German. Her father was watching from a distance at the restaurant with a smile. I felt from their joyous mood that they were relishing their trip to Sri Lanka. Her mother was tenderly hugging her infant son on her lap.

A driver of the Aquarius Resort approached them and greeted them affectionately.

The whole atmosphere in the restaurant was one of love and fascination.

What Are the Advantages of Educating Girls?

If you want to do something good for the society, educate a girl who comes from an underprivileged family. This advice is for all who earn a little more than what they need for leading a comfortable life. You will not need to spend a lot of money for educating a poor girl; the only thing you will need is the intent of doing some good work. Read on to learn how some people with good intent and the zeal of improving the society have been successful in increasing global population of educated girls. The discussion below will also educate you about the benefits of educating girls.

As mentioned above, some social workers are working incessantly to send more and more girls to school and ensuring that they don’t stop going to school midway. The scenario is the same in the majority of the developing nations of the world. The hard work of these people has finally started to show results. A recently conducted survey has revealed that enrollments of girls at primary schools have increased significantly since 2000. In Africa, the number has increased by 20%; in North Africa and Middle East, the number has increased by 10% and in South Asia, the number has increased by 15%. This is truly big news for people who care for the society. In the section below, we have discussed about the benefits of educating girls.

A series of studies conducted by World Bank has revealed that every year of primary education gives a person the ability of earning up to 15% more than what he or she would have earned before completing the extra year in school. These numbers clearly show that when a girl gets educated she achieves the ability of earning more. The more inspiring fact is that educated girls coming from underprivileged families usually earn more than educated boys belonging to the same strata of the society.

Another study carried out recently has put up numbers that clearly shows a person’s ability of earning increases by up to 25% after spending a year at the secondary school. This statement stands true both for girls and boys.

The above discussion clearly shows that education is the only tool that can help underprivileged individuals to increase their yearly income. Illiterate or uneducated women need to work at factories, agricultural fields and farms; even in these places, they are appointed to carry out jobs that do not require the workers to be educated. The amount of money women get by performing such jobs is pretty low. The only way of getting jobs that pay well is going to a school and completing primary or secondary education.

Dating Asian Girls is the “In” Thing Now

If you have been up to date with the new world changes (you can have this facility online) perhaps you now know that dating Asian girls these days is becoming not just a fad, but is developing into something that is here to stay. The Internet’s advent, along with the computer, has completely changed the way people are doing things worldwide, including the romantic pursuits of girls. (Or, the same is true with romantic pursuits of men, from the women’s perspective.)

Have you noticed the continuing outsourcing of the jobs to faraway places now, like Asia? And the continuing down scaling of work forces in most American companies, supposedly because of the ongoing recession? Well, the world recession really may have something to do with the lose of jobs on American shores, but the reality is that the online means of doing things -especially in business – has led to a new work mode for everyone.

While physical offices of many firms have been reduced, the work done in them before is now in the hands of work-at-home moms (and even dads) – either here in-country, or in other places of the world. The proliferation of customer-assistance centers in places like the Asian countries with English-speaking peoples have escalated in the last few years, and this could be an irreversible trend.

That is why you have now many cases of Americans out in the other countries working in these customer-assistance (call) centers. Thus the American men out there are exposed to many Asian girls, and have begun dating them. Many in fact have sealed their relationships with marriage. The trend is for the whole world actually to develop into just one common community, all because it is now so easy for people to communicate online.

In Asia, like the Philippines, the computer has become standard household equipment, along with the smaller communication gadget – the cellular phone. Almost all girls now in the Philippines and other Asian countries have cell phones. This equipment has in fact become a common way by which Asian girls meet American men and develop romantic relations with them. That is why dating Asian girls has become easy now. The girls in Asia are also eager to have American boyfriends, and eventually husbands, perhaps.

Through this website, learn the nuances of dating Asian girls. We will guide you on the steps in doing so. It does not matter even if you have not been to Asia before – you will soon learn that it is actually easy to go there. To find out how very easy it is to get a date with an Asian girl click the link below.